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Sending JSON in Requests

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of explorations of advanced and lesser known features in requests.

Recently, the requests team released version 2.4.3. In this version, we had a very significant new feature released that was contributed by Carol Willing. It has …

Designing and Building OSAP

Initial Success

Following the advice of Jim "Big Tiger" Remsik, I made the Google Docs Forms that have started OSAP as a service. Thankfully, I have a more manageable way of helping apprentices find mentors than people emailing me directly. Due to those forms working so well, we already have …

Starting OSAP

This past weekend was Madison Ruby and it was fantastic. After it finished on Saturday, I went to dinner with some super awesome people and we eventually started discussing open source. A couple of the people at the table expressed concerns and fears about contributing to existing open soure projects …

Requests 1.2.0

tl;dr dispatch_hook now sends the keyword arguments that were originally sent with the request. Hook authors should modify their hooks to accept them and resend them.

This morning Kenneth published (on PyPI and Crate) requests 1.2.0 which included a lot of very important changes. One, which will …

Showing bash some love

So in my last post I discussed my pyserv bash function that looks and behaves like a program. I didn't exactly disect it, but I have a different one that I will disect.

Meet my nifty function called sandbox:

    if [[ -z "$1" ]] ; then
        echo "sandbox: No directory provided"
    else …


I'm just going to collect some useful one-liners that I've either made myself or found elsewhere. I think some of these might benefit some people I know, so there may be follow up posts to add more.

What's my IP? (python)

This requires requests but it could probably be done …

Unittests in

After mostly finishing[1] I started writing the unittests for the library. I waited until the end because I knew I wanted to test directly against the API. To do that, I needed to make sure I had all the functionality that would return the proper objects to …

Weirdness in python2

So a friend of mine is learning python and was fooling around in the interactive console. They accidentally ran:

'str' > 19
# But they meant to run
'str' > '19'

Can you guess what that evaluated to? Conventional thought would suggest a TypeError, but in fact that evaluates to True. Odd right …

A Few Thoughts

I've just had a few things kicking around in my head lately and I thought I'd jot them down.

With the exception of paginated calls, is essentially feature complete but is lacking tests for everything. My plan as of this point in time is to finish … (update)

I previously mentioned my work on and how I was having trouble creating downloads on GitHub because they use Amazon's S3 service for the uploaded files. What this means is that first you have to "create" the download on GitHub then you have to upload the actual file …

CacheFS + OpenLDAP

A Bit of Background

I haven't mentioned it before, but after graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology, the Computer Science department hired me to work in the Scientific and Research Computing Information Technology (SRCIT) "department". We have approximately 120 desktop client machines with 4,000 users and 9 servers. All …

Python: del

While testing by hand, I found myself wanted to delete objects that I created as a test from an array after deleting them on GitHub. To do that, I have to do:

del gists[index]

So my initial instinct was to modify the __del__ method …


I'm the kind of person who often fidgets with the appearance of the things I use. For example, over the course of a few weeks, I constantly changed the configuration file for wmii. I finally got it just right and haven't changed much since (except for the font). I've also …

After finishing finals, I started working on my project to wrap the Github API. Recently, I came across the area of the API dealing with creating a download on a repository. The one thing that has made this project so enjoyable has been requests. Upon reaching this section, I noticed …

Git(hub) Basics

After encountering some problems working on I stopped by #github on Freenode to see if anyone else had come across the same problems. While there, I noticed a lot of people asking some basic questions about how to do things with respect to git and Github. They seem …

The Context

I use on the rare occasion that I need to paste something for someone else to see. It's simple to use, written in python and open source. The chief example when you visit the website uses curl (and I love using the command line for as …

Hello World

First Blog Post

Well, I never really had a blog before, so I guess the best way to start one is how you would start a programming language, with a simple 'Hello World!'. I guess this will be an area for interesting [1] things I find and do.

I'll probably …