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I'm the kind of person who often fidgets with the appearance of the things I use. For example, over the course of a few weeks, I constantly changed the configuration file for wmii. I finally got it just right and haven't changed much since (except for the font). I've also changed the default colorscheme for pentadactyl a few times. I can't explain why I do this, but a large part is probably "because I can".

More recently, I've been fidgiting with the themes for this blog. Namely, I've been trying out themes from the pelican-themes repository on GitHub. The one theme I have installed, tuxlite_tbs, was updated. My first instinct was that the pelican-themes command might have an upgrade/update option for a theme. When I noticed it didn't, I was about to dig in and make one, until I realized I that it was already implemented, just not in a documented fashion.

Updating a Pelican Theme (Now)

Let's assume that you have cloned the pelican-themes repository. If not you can simply run:

$ git clone git://
$ cd pelican-themes

Let's also assume that you already have one of the themes installed, e.g., tuxlite_tbs or dev-random. If you want to upgrade the theme, you simply run:

$ pelican-themes -r tuxlite_tbs -i tuxlite_tbs/
# OR:
$ pelican-themes -r dev-random -i dev-random/

Simple enough, right?

Updating a Pelican Theme (Hopefully soon)

Sure that's simple, but it isn't obvious. That is why I just submitted my pull request. It simplifies upgrading a theme by adding a -U/--upgrade option and using the existing functions to cleverly upgrade a theme. It's a simple diff and should be easy for anyone to parse.


And while I'm talking about pelican, I might as well post my file for it. My git directory structure is:


And this is my

AUTHOR = 'Ian Cordasco'
SITENAME = 'cat /dev/brain'
TIMEZONE = 'America/New_York'


FEED_RSS = 'feeds/all.rss.xml'

        ('Home', ''),
        ('Resume', ''),
        ('Colophon', ''),
        ('Contact', ''),
        ('Grimoire', ''),

     ('EFF', ''),
     ('Slackware', ''),
     ('wmii', ''),
     ('pelican', ''),
     ('tuxlite_tbs', ''),

        ('Github', ''),
        ('Gitorious', ''),
        ('BitBucket', ''),

PATH = 'rest/'
OUTPUT_PATH = 'html/'

MARKUP = ['rst']
THEME = 'tuxlite_tbs'