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Open Source's Affects On a Career

Summary: I've been writing and maintaining Open Source Software for over 8 years now and it has been simultaneously the catalyst for the success I've had professionally and the misery I feel on a daily basis.

Open Source Software (a.k.a, Free and Open Source Software, F/OSS) has …

Posted on 14 February 2019 by Ian Stapleton Cordasco

The Constant Struggle of F/OSS

Everyone has a different motivation when working on Open Source Software. That motivation can change over time both in quantity and in actual motivation. When the Free and Open Source Software (a.k.a., F/OSS) movement began, the motivation was clear: I have hardware and I should be able …

Posted on 28 January 2019 by Ian Stapleton Cordasco

Cultures of Free Labor

There are a lot of companies that rely on Free and Open Source Software (a.k.a, F/OSS) and adoption of their solution within various language communities. Often times, these companies are providing some kind of software or solution as a service and they're basically packaging up the existing …

Posted on 27 January 2019 by Ian Stapleton Cordasco

Some Better Practices For Using Requests in API Clients

As someone who has written a few API client libraries and works on Requests a bit, I realize I have some overlapping knowledge that I need to share. There are some patterns I've found from building my own API client libraries and helping developers of other client libraries. I hesitate …

Posted on 11 January 2017 by Ian Cordasco

On the Importance of Public Email Addresses

I have started to notice a trend. More and more people are aggressively attempting to integrate themselves into open source projects. Some are doing so spectacularly, while others are struggling. And the people who struggle seem to become agitated, aggressive, and their attempts to contribute discourage everyone involved.

Often, when …

Posted on 15 November 2016 by Ian Cordasco