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Showing bash some love

So in my last post I discussed my pyserv bash function that looks and behaves like a program. I didn't exactly disect it, but I have a different one that I will disect.

Meet my nifty function called sandbox:

    if [[ -z "$1" ]] ; then
        echo "sandbox: No directory provided"
    else …

Unittests in

After mostly finishing[1] I started writing the unittests for the library. I waited until the end because I knew I wanted to test directly against the API. To do that, I needed to make sure I had all the functionality that would return the proper objects to …

Git(hub) Basics

After encountering some problems working on I stopped by #github on Freenode to see if anyone else had come across the same problems. While there, I noticed a lot of people asking some basic questions about how to do things with respect to git and Github. They seem …